Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is truth stranger than fiction?

The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 9 ‘Heroes on Both Sides

Synopsis: When the Senate begins debating a bill that would eliminate government oversight of the Banking Clan's activities in order to fund the war… 

“Conflict with no end in sight! Across the galaxy, the quagmire of war continues. While clone troopers suffer casualties at alarming rates, the Galactic Senate convenes an emergency session to debate the true cost of the war...

Sound familiar folks?

Why am I bringing this up? Well Friday night, 11/19/10, I’m hanging out with my kid and he KEEPS the TV on “The Cartoon Network”. Star Wars – Clone Wars comes on and the opening scene starts with the Senate having a debate on whether or not to DEREGULATE the banks in order for, I guess their world (I don’t watch the show), to fund their war. Chicken hawks wanted to DEREGULATE banks to FUND A WAR! 

"Fear is a great motivator."

I can actually see some elected official  in office looking at the same episode, with his or her kid, and gets an idea to actually try and bring a bill to the House or Senate floor offering the same suggestion as the "cartoon" to A: Deregulate the banks and B: To keep the almighty “war machine” rolling with the help of deregulation of the banks. Seems far fetched? Neh, I wouldn't put anything past any elected official after all, Ass, Gas or Grass, nobody rides for free. Funny how a 30 sec clip from a “cartoon” can make you nervous.


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