Thursday, November 11, 2010

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RK: "the GOP is gonna have hell to pay,"

Didn't you say earlier that these Medicare cuts were already happening? Isn't cutting Medicare part of Obamacare? Why would the Republicans get the blame for this?

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There are no cuts to the traditional Medicare benefit. The lion's share of spending cuts are in Medicare Advantage -- a program that uses private firms such as Humana and UnitedHealth Group to deliver Medicare benefits. Many of these providers offer extra coverage and some of those extras could be dropped as Medicare Advantage subsidies are bought more in line with the cost of traditional Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage payment rates will be frozen in 2011 and then gradually reduced giving companies time to adjust to the changes.
This is going to force the insurance companies to compete for business. Why? Because the government is cutting them off. They gonna need money to pay those fat salaries and at the same time can't cut off your health insurance. Why? because no matter how raggedy you are as a person - you can't be denied because you paying for it and you FORCED to pay for it. There are some tweaks that need to be made I'm sure, but this puts everybody in "economic sync".
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